The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton Underwear
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It is convenient for the majority carriers, both for its ability to breathe and because it has a smooth surface that does not irritate most skin. It is a natural fabric and is hypoallergenic. Unlike nylon and other synthetic materials commonly used to make underwear, cotton absorbs moisture and hold to become a habitat for fungi; or produce static electricity. However, unless it is treated as a delicate washable, spreads much more easily than synthetic underwear.

Even when blended with synthetic materials, cotton allows air to pass therethrough. It’s cooler to wear than many other tissues. It also removes perspiration from the skin surface, thereby keeping the drying of the skin. This is especially important for women who have a tendency to the appearance of yeast infections.

Cotton has the ability to absorb 20% of its own weight. This means that even when brought to the sweat skin surface, it does not feel wet. Furthermore, contrary to other tissues commonly used in the production of flax, compressed cotton.

A natural product, the cotton does not require a chemical coating to be woven into the fabric. Asthmatics and others with skin or respiratory sensitivities have far fewer problems with Cotton Underwear that with nylon sheets, lycra or polyester. People who do not have allergic reactions to synthetic fabrics or chemicals used to supplement the find as cotton and spandex fabrics combine the best of both worlds.

Although Cotton Underwear lasts well if hand washed and dried, the majority of people want underwear that is easy to maintain. Cotton Underwear that does not harmonize with spandex or other synthetic to help them maintain their shape can be extended very quickly. However, the wet cloth cotton is 30% stronger than when it is dry; machine will cause wear.

Among the disadvantages of cotton garments is the fact that it has a tendency to stretch if there is hand-washed and dried in the air, so that the leg openings may lose shape very quickly. Cotton is not as smooth as artificial tissues; you can stack under clothes and show a clear line of panties. Synthetic fabrics can accept a variety of surface treatments that change the luster and allow them to hold dyes more readily than cotton underwear can.

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