Best Tips to Improve Employee Morale with Casual Dress Code

An appropriate, comfortable Casual Dress Code at work proffers level best ease to employees. Stop fretting, and know all your options, right here…

Casual Dress Code
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Casual dress code could offer a much required break from mundane formals that leave you with limited options. While I have countless upscale options to make use of for work, you could sit back, relax, and recall every single piece of cloth lying orphan in your wardrobe as I move forward with examples on the same.

Smart Casual Dress Code

Taking account of this particular dress code policy at work, there exists a rather thin line between dressing casually at work, and dressing casually outside. While there is no limit to Casual Dress Code as such, workplace ethics often restrain you from wearing just about anything and everything. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a casual business code of dressing, for its casual, but with a seasoning of formal wear in it. What follows below is a segmentation of options both for men and women.

Casual Dress Code For Men

  • A collared shirt with pants
  • Loose khaki pants
  • Collared T-shirts
  • Non-ostentatious pullovers
  • Semi-formal shoes (Please, avoid athletic sport shoes at work)
  • Smooth cologne or perfume

While you could also wear round-neck T-shirts at work, it is highly recommended to keep ostentation minimal. Everything that is elegant is a big yes at work.

Casual Dress Code For Women

  • Shirts or blouses of subtle colors
  • A-line skirts, preferably knee-length
  • Jeans, not too curvaceous
  • Wrap dresses
  • Tees, not without a semi-formal jacket over
  • V-neck sweaters or pullovers
  • Closed shoes with heels
  • Boots, preferably ankle boots
  • Floral perfume
  • Hair loosely tied, or left open
  • Minimum makeup

No wonder, women have an edge everywhere! A semi-casual attire at work helps women open up with male colleagues, and this is definitely not a guess. I’ve seen it, personally. Nevertheless, the above two sections put forth options on what to wear in terms of a casual professional dress code. However, there could be a lot to wear outside work, if at all, the invitation card mentions no tuxedos, suits, and pants!

If that be the case, men could opt for designer pants, chinos, and not to forget, their favorite pair of jeans as the most appropriate clothing. If you are a tad unsure of the theme, it’s always advisable to keep away from washed and faded jeans. Remember the overdressed-underdressed clause, stated above? You better do. Also, sober upperwear like T-shirts without slogans and of lesser striking colors are advisable. Semi-formal shoes are the best and the safest picks here too.

You know, there’s no sweep over to your attitude and confidence, whatever be the dress code. I believe, the most common fashion blunders are a result of under confidence, and the inability to carry the outfit. Be it a casual dress code, or a formal one, one thing could save you from making a mockery of yourself; confidence. It might be the worst cliché I could ever use, but nothing stands a chance when it comes to the truth.

Casual Dress Code

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