How to choose the right large size bra and panties

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When choosing underwear, in addition to personal preferences for the color and pattern of the lace, you should take into account the nuances of the cut and the features of a particular model of underwear depending on the size.


The difference between large sizes and standard bras is that wider straps are used. They better support the chest and optimally redistribute the load on the shoulders and spine. If you choose the wrong bra, the straps may fall off or cut into your shoulders, causing pain. The straps should be well adjusted and not cause discomfort.

Large sizes of the bra, designed on the waist, are additionally equipped with side plates, which provides correct support for the breasts without causing discomfort.

In a properly fitted underwire bra, the bridge is completely adjacent to the body. If this does not happen, then the cup size is too small for you. The underwires should hug the chest at the base and not go lower. They should not cut into the armpits and sides.

When trying on a cup, make sure that it completely covers your breasts on all sides, especially the sides. If you choose cups that are too small, it creates a “mono-breast” effect, i.e. when the breasts are pressed against each other, which can cause irritation on the skin.

The wide waist with a thick tape along the bottom edge ensures a comfortable fit. To improve the fit, more darts and divisions are used, so the appearance of products between medium and large sizes may differ.

The design of the back in the form of a comfortable “T-shirt” allows the straps to stay in place and not fall off the shoulder. The “correct” bra belt is about 80% breast support (the remaining 20% ​​is distributed between the straps). How do you know if the belt is chosen correctly? You should not have a feeling of squeezing, and the belt should not ride up on your shoulder blades. If the belt is at the same level with the underwires of the bra and parallel to the floor, the bra is selected correctly.
The spacer cup maintains natural body temperature, making the bra ideal for every day. An innovative material with a cell-like structure allows the skin to breathe, perfectly permeates air and removes moisture. The spacer bra perfectly follows the contours of the body, does not wrinkle and dries quickly, which makes it a favorite item in the wardrobe. The design of this model will be appreciated by women who like their breasts to be as covered as possible.
It is very important to choose the correct size of underwear. Our detailed size calculator will help you with this. Accurate determination of the size will help you look more attractive: smooth out the hip line, emphasize the waist and lift the chest.


The correct size will ensure that you can wear your bra comfortably all day long without discomfort or the need to constantly adjust it.


A well-fitting bra lifts and supports the breasts, and thanks to its tight fit to the body, it prevents the bra belt from riding up, thereby securely fixing the breasts.


An incorrectly selected size can affect the entire body and ruin your posture. This does not happen when the breasts are supported properly. The shoulders are straightened, the figure is fully straightened, opening and emphasizing the waist. As a result, we look slimmer and more graceful.

A bra does a lot for our breasts: it gives it a beautiful shape and provides impeccable silhouette lines, adding confidence.


Due to the cutting and processing, an ideal fit of the panties is achieved. A wide range of models and sizes allows you to choose panties for every day in your favorite basic colors.

The back seam of the briefs is close to the body, ensuring a good fit.

High-waisted briefs and shaper shorts are stretchy and extremely comfortable. An ideal option for women who are confident and value comfort.

Choose your favorite models and wear them with pleasure