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How to choose children's tights

Tights for children. Right choice

Tights are a pair of stockings joined at the waist, an element of a child’s daily wardrobe. This means you need to choose them correctly.

First of all, we pay attention to the material. Wrongly chosen tights lose their shape very quickly. In some places they begin to sag, in others they stretch, mesh appears in the area of ​​the knees and feet, and then holes.

The composition of the material determines wear resistance, color saturation, the ability to shed, fade, and cough.

There are many models of stockings. It is really difficult to choose the most convenient one.

What to pay attention to


Carefully study the accompanying information presented on the tag.

  • Of course, the safest material for health is cotton. Cotton products have significant advantages: they are hygienic, prevent excessive sweating, and absorb moisture well. But they don’t last too long, they wear out quickly, after frequent washing they lose color, stretch, and become deformed.
  • The best choice would be models that contain a small percentage of elastane. Thanks to this component, the product will last longer, will not shrink, will not be deformed, will retain color saturation, and will dry quickly.

Products with excess elastane content can cause unwanted skin rashes, itching, and sweating.

  • Consider the age of the kids. The younger the child, the more natural the thing should be.
  • The baby should buy 100% cotton products. Babies don’t run around and move less, so the stockings will last a long time.
  • Tights made from mixed yarn are perfect for older preschoolers.


Test your future purchase for your own sensitivity.

  • Take the product in your hands, touch it, evaluate how pleasant it is to the touch.
  • A high-quality model will give a feeling of comfort, will be soft, warm, elastic, will stretch well, and will quickly return to its original shape.
  • Stockings should be easy to put on. The child must cope with the process of putting on and taking off without assistance.
  • If a wardrobe item is chosen correctly, it will not hug your legs, fall off, or bunch up on your knees or ankles, adding to the inconvenience.
  • Remember, too tight underwear puts pressure on blood vessels and interferes with normal blood circulation in the lower extremities.

How to choose the right children's tights

Design, color, pattern

Any color scheme is allowed. Don’t overlook the following points.

  • Consider the baby’s age. It is better if the chosen color goes well with the clothes and emphasizes the child’s temperament.
  • Choose an image that is understandable, appropriate for the baby’s gender and interests.
  • Animals, unreal creatures, depicted in unnatural colors, negatively affect mood and mental state. Cheerful, rich colors create a favorable emotional background, teach you to correctly perceive shades and color combinations.
  • Give preference to socks, knee socks, tights with anti-slip feet, which have special rubber patterns. They prevent falls on slippery, smooth surfaces: linoleum, ceramic tiles, laminate, and make the movement of children safe.


Tights are an irreplaceable part of a child’s wardrobe. Such clothing must meet the basic requirement: seasonality.

  • In winter, autumn models will be the best option. Warm, soft, voluminous, cozy stockings will protect your feet from hypothermia. Opt for terry, wool, thick cotton.
  • The use of products made from warm fabrics in spring or summer is undesirable: the feet of active children sweat, excess moisture irritates the skin, and there is a threat of symptoms of fungal diseases.
  • In summer and warm spring, use cotton and linen products. It is hygroscopic, allows air to pass through well, and absorbs excess moisture remarkably.
  • Microfiber would be a good choice: moderately warm, pleasant, comfortable.

children's tights

How to choose the right size

Knowing the weight and height of the children, it is very easy to buy children’s tights.

There are special size tables for this. Use them to ensure the new thing fits.

We remind you: knitted tights, which contain elastane in a very low percentage, shrink during washing and drying.

When buying knitted products, do not ignore this feature. Buy tights for children in a larger size. Happy shopping!