What is Onesie? And where to wear it?

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Kigurumi is a desirable attribute at fun parties and an excellent solution for home relaxation. The funny costume has found many fans around the world. Representatives of all ages and statuses wear it with pleasure. It is convenient to play, dance, and jump on a trampoline. Thanks to the voluminous cut, movement is not constrained. What you need for comfortable leisure time at home and outside.

What is Onesie?

Kigurumi is a bright jumpsuit in the form of animals, cinematic and cartoon characters. Among the abundance, it will not be difficult to find almost any image. Cat, cow, unicorn, pokemon and others. Here you will find many characters. In kigurumi, every detail is created for maximum playful transformation. Eyes, tail, ears and other elements add completeness to the surroundings.

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The presence of large pockets allows you to put your mobile phone and important small items. Everything you need is always at hand. The outfit is quickly put on and taken off. For this purpose, there is a long zipper lock on the front. It does not require maintenance – it can be washed in a machine.

Fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and do not cause allergies are used for sewing. The product is warm and very cozy, it does not create a greenhouse effect. What is a onesie suit if you “measure” the product by its characteristics?

  • Non-trivial, fantastic design
  • Practicality
  • Versatility
  • Tactile comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good mood

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Interesting facts about kigurumi

The list of advantages is supplemented by facts about onesies, which few types of clothing can boast of:

  1. Kigurumi come from the land of the rising sun – Japan.
  2. The Japanese love for anime and dressing up as their favorite characters, cosplay, led to the appearance of these costumes in the 90s.
  3. The first creator and founder of the trend is the SAZAC brand.
  4. After mass production they became part of Japanese street fashion.
  5. There are no restrictions on gender and age groups.
  6. In the Western world they began to gain popularity only in 2011.

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How to choose onesies?

The spacious cut will suit absolutely all body types. The size is formed taking into account growth. The Valeotricotage online store provides a table of sizes. With its help it is easy to choose the best option. All you need to do is arm yourself with a measuring tape.

In the table, did your parameters fall into an adjacent value? Give preference to the larger model. Remember – the kigurumi onesie should fit you freely:

  • do not pull anywhere;
  • Do not jump up sleeves and trouser legs.

Follow simple recommendations. This way you will get a really comfortable item and comfort while wearing.

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Is it possible to sleep in a kigurumi?

“Are Kigurumi pajamas or a suit?” – a question included in the TOP 5 from the buyer. Kigurumi onesie is one of the coziest things. This is what the happy owners say. Clothes with a hood help maintain body temperature. Conditioning properties, breathability are excellent. Therefore, you can use it as pajamas for sleeping.

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In Kigurumi pajamas, you can twist and turn in your sleep as you please. Do you like to sleep in the starfish position or other intricate positions? In one-piece pajamas this is possible, with maximum comfort. The loose style allows you to take any position. Movements are not limited. In winter and even on a summer night, you are guaranteed deep, sound, healthy sleep.

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What does the Japanese word “kigurumi” mean?

The name consists of two parts – “kigu”, translated “to wear”, and “nigurumi” – “soft toy”. The full name accurately characterizes the style. That is why it becomes the choice of animators, carnival participants, themed and costume events.

Kigurumi met the sunrise on the shore of a warm beach. They climbed into the snowy, cold mountains, becoming a wardrobe item for ski lovers. They break all traditions in clothing and break the patterns established by time. Where kіgurumi is, there is a cheerful atmosphere. People have fun and frolic, play roles, unite in warm, soulful companies. And this is the most important thing!